LSTC technology

SIA "Devor" būvniecība

Lightweight steel thin-walled constructions (LSCT) technology is a fast construction technology with panels and frames, which benefits from low construction costs, fast execution of construction work, and high quality. 

The technology is applicable to the construction of residential buildings and production facilities.

Privātmāju celtniecība

We offer ready-made home assemblies that allow you to build a house within one month! 

We carry out construction of houses according to individual projects, as well as offer ready-made projects.

Uzzināt vairāk
Angāru celtniecība

Do you need a commercial hangar? We offer fast-erected hangars from metal constructions.

Uzzināt vairāk
Saimniecības ēku celtniecība

We offer fast-erecting building frameworks that can be assembled both independently and with the help of professionals.

Daudzstāvu ēku celtniecība

With the help of VTPK technology it is possible to build multi-apartment buildings.

We offer ready-made projects.

Termoprofils VTPK - universāls materiāls celtniecībai

It is a new technology in our construction market, which saves construction time and costs.