Multi-storey building complex

Multi-storey building complex

SIA "DEVOR" offers a complex solution for fast and high-quality multi-storey residential buildings.


The complex approach is based on the use of a metal frame for the building's foundation and the use of "LSC BALTIC GROUP" wall panels in the form of enclosing structures.

Such technology helps to build multi-apartment buildings from 3 to 17 floors and is currently one of the most economically advantageous construction technologies.

Basic carcass

Multi-apartment building construction

Metal frame. Interconnection of frame elements - tight flange connection with high tensile bolts with prior tightening.

Frame elements are made of automatically double-T profiles, which are coaxially welded to the same level. Band and wall steel - С255 grade steel, flanges - С345 grade steel.

The overall framework strength of the building is provided with a spacer system, for vertical and horizontal flexible connections, which are fitted with prestressing. The delivery kit includes anchors, framing elements, high strength bolts connecting the frame elements.

Exterior walls

Sienas paneļi

Dimensions: Max. height - 3300 mm, max. length - 7000 mm, the thickness depends on the climatic zone - from 150 mm to 300 mm.

Mounting Type: Hanging.

Possible facade solutions: a ready-made facade (finished, dyed fiber cement plate) / an exposed ventilated facade (ceramic or FASADOFF facade system).


1. Ready-made projects and technological solutions for multi-apartment buildings.

We offer ready-made typical building project series with different floors.

2. Factory quality, safety

Structures are made from high-quality raw materials to high-tech equipment, with minimal manual labor. All products are certified. 

3. Shortened construction deadlines

The facility is being built in the shortest possible time due to the fact that the main constructions are manufactured in factories, as well as the possibility to build at any time of the year and the lack of "wet processes".

4. A profitable construction economy

  • Total reduction in construction costs due to the use of lightweight bases, fewer workers in the construction site, lack of heavy equipment and good transportation;
  • Minimum market risks and quick recovery of invested assets due to short construction deadlines;
  • Opportunity to get additional profit due to the reduction of wall thickness and the type of installation of suspended and semi-finished products (the vacancy rate may be 3-5% of the total area of the building).

5. Versatility

Safety, durability, ease of design makes it possible to build buildings in special conditions: on unstable grounds, in seismically active areas, in areas with poor transport accessibility. 

Set options

Set type



  • Base metal frame;
  • Hanging wall-mounted wall panels in standard assemblies;
  • Fastening kit for wall panel assembly (mounting kit).

Basic with finished facade

  • Base metal frame;
  • Hanging wall paneling with a finished facade (dyed fiber cement board);
  • Fastening kit for wall panel assembly (mounting kit).