Build highly efficient with the new LSTC technology!

The construction technology developed by LSC Baltic Group is based on lightweight steel thin-walled constructions, enables the construction of both- residential private and multi-storey buildings as well as commercial objects in a short time, providing high quality and low construction costs.

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Building of hangars

In our company, you can order a high quality hangar that will last for long time. We offer design and manufacture of designs of easily erected hangars, as well as their assembly at competitive prices.

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Private house sets

We offer ready-made house-sets made at the factory, which will allow to build a house within a month! 

We carry out the construction of houses on individual projects, as well as offer ready-made projects!

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Lightweight steel thin-walled constructions (LSTC) technology is a fast construction technology with panels and frames, which benefit is low construction costs, fast execution of construction work, and high quality.

The technology is applicable to both residential and industrial constructions.

SIA "DEVOR BŪVE" is the official representative of "LSC BALTIC GROUP", the largest company in Northern Europe. 

We are engaged in the sale of products, as well as the construction of facilities with this technology.

The products are certified in the European Union.

Building with the help of LSTC

SIA “DEVOR BŪVE” is the only company in Latvia which offers metal frame structures following the technology of LSTC!

Construction of hangars, SIA "Devor"

Do you need a commercial hangar? 

We offer fast-erected hangars from metal constructions.

Construction of private houses

We offer ready-made home assemblies that allow you to build a house within one month!

Construction of fences

"DEVOR" offers a metal fence from well-known manufacturers.

Construction of modular building

We offer the manufacture and installation of modular buildings in accordance with individual customer requirements.


Termoprofils VTPK - unikāls būvniecības materiāls

It is a new technology in our construction market, which allows to save construction time and costs. The LSTC thermoprofile is safe and completely harmless. In Canada this design has been used for 50 years, in Europe 30 years.


SIA “DEVOR BŪVE” offer to customers modular houses - a durable metal frame with a sheet finish from the outside.

Basically, such houses are used at all stages of construction for the storage of inventory and construction specialists, and as a temporary dwelling house, a workshop, an office, a hunting house or a summer house.

A wide assortment of models allows you to choose exactly what is necessary for a particular activity. We offer the production of any configuration modular house according to the individual requirements of the client.

More about modular buildings

We offer durable and visually appealing metal fences for your home. Choose metal fences that will last longer than 25 years!


Design and construction

SIA "DEVOR BŪVE" offers design and construction work - from the base to the transfer of the object for use.

It offers its customers various types of metal constructions, wall panels, galvanized panels, sandwich panels for roofs and walls with mineral wool and polyurethane (PUR, PIR) fillings, various facade materials with all the components.


"DEVOR BŪVE" is a professional construction company that performs fast and qualitative work using the best product in its field.

SIA "DEVOR BŪVE" implements construction, reconstruction and renovation projects of various sizes all over Latvia and abroad. 

A team of skilled professionals ensures the safety, control and quality of construction work for each of our clients. It offers its customers various types of metal constructions, wall thermo panels, sandwich panels for roofs and walls with mineral wool and polyurethane (PUR, PIR) fillings, various facade materials with complete parts.


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