About "DEVOR BŪVE" company

SIA "DEVOR BŪVE" is a professional construction company that performs fast and qualitative work using the best product in its field.

SIA "DEVOR BŪVE" implements construction, reconstruction and renovation projects of various sizes all over Latvia and abroad. A team of skilled professionals ensures the safety, control and quality of construction work for each of our clients.

SIA "DEVOR" offers its clients various types of metal constructions, wall thermo panels, galvanized profiles, sandwich panels for roofs and walls with mineral wool and polyurethane (PUR, PIR) fillings, various facade materials with completing parts.

Coming soon, the company's assortment of goods will be supplemented with fencing systems, pneumatic shafts and other contemporary products.

The company is an exclusive European representative for LSC BALTIC GROUP, the largest manufacturer of lightweight steel thin-walled steel constructions in Northern Europe.

The aim of SIA "DEVOR" is the development and promotion of light steel thin-walled building technology (VTPK).

It is a fast panel and frame installation technology. It is based on the use of a perforated and non-perforated metal profile in the base of the building as well as the use of wall panels made on the basis of a metallic profile. The technology is also applicable to fencing constructions.

VTPK technology is an energy-efficient construction technology that helps to significantly reduce construction costs and project delivery times compared with traditional building technologies.

The company offers its customers innovative construction techniques that help not only optimize but also reduce the costs of building a building due to high energy efficiency.

If necessary, we provide our clients with full project management - from construction design and building permission until the building is put into operation.

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