LSTC termoprofile

LSTC termoprofile

Thermoforms are the basis of LSTC. They are made of high-alloyed galvanized steel by special technology. The design features of this product make it to be one of the best solutions for the construction of warm and fast-moving frame and enclosure structures.

Advantages of LSTC termoprofile

The main advantage of thermal prophylaxis LSTC is their ability to keep heat in the room. Compared to standard steel structures, the thermal conductivity of the room is reduced by 90%.

This result is achieved thanks to the special perforation of the profile wall, which allows a significant increase in the heat flow path. This feature solves the so-called "cold bridges" problem, which in the construction process develops throughout the cross section of a standard steel structure.

This thermoprofile and the peculiarity of structures based on it allows to significantly reduce heat losses, reduce costs by operating buildings and loads on city networks. Thermoprofile is successfully used in economic constructions even in the Far North.

LSTC thermoprofile purpose features:

  • Made of high-alloy galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.0-2.0 mm, zinc thickness of 275 gr / m2; 1.class galvanizing 275 gr / m2); 
  • It has a small weight that allows you to build structures on lighter bases;
  • Is a high index of material strength and density ratio (wood is 2 times smaller, reinforced concrete - 20 times smaller);
  • Thanks to an increased heat flow path, allows for 90% lower thermal conductivity;
  • The average lifespan, while maintaining all the characteristics that characterize the use, is 100 years.

Types of termoprofile

Guiding LSTC termoprofile

The guiding LSTC profile is a horizontally orientated beam of galvanized steel with 8 perforation rows.

The guiding profile is used as a vertical profile fastener in carcasses of various "warm" buildings (private house frames, load bearing and enclosing wall panels, etc.).

Pillar LSTC termoprofile

The C-shaped pillar, flattened LSTC thermoprofile is a vertically oriented pole made of galvanized steel with 8 perforation rows.

The CC-type-pillars are used as bearings for frameworks of various uses in "warm" structures (private carcasses, load-bearing and enclosing wall panels, beam frames, etc.).

How are buildings made of LSTC thermoprofile?

The construction of any building from thermoprofil LSTC is carried out in several stages:

1. Designing

Engineers-designers make a project through the special program TEKLA, immediately sending it to the production line.

2. Production of LSTC thermoprofile

The set of elements is produced separately for each project with modern high-tech equipment, which allows:

  • to produce elements in the order in which they will be assembled in the future;
  • To create technical apertures, holes, clips for each concrete project;
  • to produce the necessary holes in the assemblies

In this way a complete set of LSTC thermoprofile is made for mounting.

3. Mounting of building frame elements (building frame, frame of a building block, etc.)

Element assembly can be carried out in the production area or on the construction site. 

All frame elements are assembled with screws, without welding aid. Next, the carcasses are insulated (if a warm building is being built) and covered with finishes.

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