Building of hangars

Construction of quickly constructed hangars from metal constructions.

We produce hangars from lightweight steel thin-walled constructions (VTPK) and rolled steel.

This technology has long been widely used in European countries and Canada. With the help of this, it is possible to quickly and at a minimal cost build various commercial buildings: from small household buildings to large warehouse complexes.

The advantages of light metallic hangars

1. Savings on the use of expensive technical equipment and labor resources, as well as low cost of construction materials.

Due to the relatively simple and lightweight construction of the VTPK, a small team of specialists will deal with the construction of the hangar from metal structures. Since only screws are used for joining the joints, it is not necessary to look for a welder.

The assembly of the hangar requires special technique, which is chosen depending on the dimensions of the hangar.

2. Low price for fast-erected hangar from metal constructions.

This feature is determined by the fact that you are purchasing the construction of buildings directly from the manufacturer. The building has low cost due to cleverly designed design solutions, optimal metal capacity and design preparation for insulation.

3. Possibility to build a high energy-efficient building.

We offer a variety of standard projects. In one case, "high" fast-erecting metal-frame hangar projects with a profile cover are created. In another case, we offer projects with sandwich panels.

In the latter case, the project will be economically viable thanks to heating costs and room cooling.
Buildings are cheaper to pay for the workshop, along with its significantly higher strength and reliability of the other "cold" variants - quickly constructed awning hangars.

Dimensions of fast hangar from metal constructions

Spacing width of the building: from 6 to 24 meters without support.
Height: up to 9 meters on the wall to the low belt of the farm.
Length: No limits.

Frame Type: Frame-bonded.

Collaboration options

Our company offers some co-operation variants for construction of hangars from light metal constructions. The differences are in the packages, the number and price of the services to be provided:

1.Production and supply of skeleton (for a typical project).

In this case, you can only buy a set of metal profiles and screws for the construction of an independent frame.

2. Design of the hangar on an individual order and delivery of the frame.

3. Delivery of frames and additional completing materials (finishing materials, windows, doors, gates - optional).

4. We offer full construction of HTPC hangars. We carry out all stages of the project construction - from building design and construction to a fully finished building.

In this case, the total costs will be slightly higher than in the case of the construction of an independent hangar, but it will provide assurance that the assembly was carried out with the help of experienced professionals.

For information on project costs and deadlines, as well as other information, contact us by phone or fill in the form in the CONTACT section CONTACTS.

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Fast-paced combined hangar frames ("OLIMP" series)

Hangar construction, SIA "Devor"

Warm hangars: technical and operational advantages:

SIA DEVOR implements construction of fast-erected hangars, at affordable prices. We offer complex and efficient solutions for any production task. We can order designing, manufacturing, assembling and finishing various sizes and buildings of interest.

Warm hangars are complex engineering designs. They are used as trading complexes and administrative buildings, car repair shops, car wash facilities, agricultural and industrial buildings, etc.

Specification of warm hangars

The differences between fast-erected hangings are as follows:

  • Low construction costs;
  • Economic exploitation;
  • Easier construction of the base;
  • High strength and durability;
  • Possibility to use different types of activities;
  • Fire safety;
  • Mobility.

The thickness of the hangar walls is calculated depending on the specifics of the operation of the building, the climatic characteristics of the site, the structural properties of the base load.

Insulated hangars are designed for fully framed carcasses, which provide an exterior assembly of exterior walls. This can save material and work.

In addition to this type of hangar insulation, it is possible to use ready-made envelopes - "LSC BALTIC GROUP" thermo panels or standard sandwich panels. Both variants allow an optimal microclimate to be maintained throughout the year.

The price of a quick-hinged hangar depends on the area and functionality of the building. To find out the cost and get a construction cost plan, contact us in any convenient way that you can find in the CONTACTS section.

Construction of hangars


The typical hangar of the OLIMP series is the carcass construction, the building's constructive system - frames and ties.

Columns: from rolled rectangular cross-section steel.

Trusses: from vertical and guiding SCC profiles (C 350 grade steel, zinc thickness 275gr / m2).

The overall framework of the building is secured by a gap system, vertical and horizontal joints. Joining the frame elements with unified reinforcement knots. For fixing, galvanized bolts and screws are used.

Between the columns are wall panel frames and end panels with gates, windows and doors, the following elemental wall mounting.

The cover has a maintenance system (roof trowels of C-shaped VTPK profiles, zinc thickness 275gr / m2), a total solid step of up to 2 m. Connection of mantle and frame elements with bolts.

The delivery kit includes rolled steel columns; Trusses, wall and ceiling trusses from VTPK profiles; Strengthening elements.

Inclosure constructions

Unleaded version (base kit): Galvanized steel grades of С-21 0,45 х 1000 mm + accessories and fasteners. Polymer coatings, RAL color pallets available on request (not included in the base kit).

Heated version (base kit): ready-made sandwich panels (thickness 100 mm, RAL color palette) or sandwich panels for elemental assembly (thickness 100 mm, RAL color palette) + bracket and fastening elements.

Roof cover

Unleaded version (base kit): galvanized HC-35 steel steel profiles 0,5 х 1000 mm + accessories and fasteners (base kit). Polymer coatings, RAL color pallets available on request (not included in the base kit).

Insulated version (basic kit): ready-made sandwich panels (thickness 60-200 mm, RAL color palette) or sandwich panels for elemental assembly (thickness 60-200 mm, RAL color palette) + bracket and fastening elements.


Basic installation: Single-glazed windows PVC windows, closed.

Any other options available on request.


Basic installation: Swing gates for industrial buildings.

Any other options available on request.


Basic installation: metal door with lock.

Any other options available on request.

The price includes the production of the above elements and their unloading in a disassembled manner. Delivery and installation are paid separately.

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