Metal fence

SIA "DEVOR" offers a metal fence from well-known manufacturers. Our staff will supply you the selected fence model and will carry out all the necessary assembly work.

The range of metal fence profiles can satisfy even the most demanding customers, as well as meet all modern architectural requirements.

Metal fence is made of galvanized steel with three different coating types:
  • Single-sided polyester (front side - colored polymer coat 25 mkm, rear side - white or gray);
  • Double polyester (front side - colored polymer coating 25 μm, rear side - colored polymer coating 25 μkm);
  • Powder coat (the polymer is painted on two sides and fixed in a polymerization chamber, with a coating density of 80-120 microns).

All metal fence profiles are available in a variety of color schemes. You can specify the information by contacting us in any convenient way that you can find in the CONTACT section Contacts

Мetal fence

Metāliskais žogs

For the manufacture of UNIX metallic cladding, we use high-quality galvanized steel sheet with a minimum thickness of 0.45 mm.

The unique characteristics of the UNIX fence:

1. Sheet steel, thickness 0.45 mm;

2. Zinc layer 275g / m2;

3. Passivating layer;

4. Primer coat;

5 and 6. Protective anti-corrosion coating.

Protective anti-corrosion coating:
    • the zinc (Zn) content in the metal ensures the resistance of the product to the aggressive effects of weather conditions and resistance to the occurrence of corrosion centers. Zinc shell weight is 275g / m2;
    • structural feature of metal cladding - the presence of 16 stiffeners, which provides strength and gives additional rigidity to the finished structure of the metal piece - fence, wicket or gate;
    • a large useful width of the fence, equal to 118 mm, saves our customers' savings. allowing, with less financial investment in the material, to obtain an aesthetically attractive and reliable fence on your site;
    • in our production conditions, UNIX metal cladding can be made in any color, according to the RAL palette and in several variants of coatings:
      1. Universal "gloss";
      2. "Smooth matte";
      3. "Structural Matt";
      4. The cover of the Nature series (imitation of wood cutting (Printech technology);
      5. Coating "shagreen");
      6. Antique coating (aesthetics of noble metal).


    UNIX(width of the bar 118 mm, 16 stiffening ribs)

    In the production of the UNIX metal fence, a galvanized sheet of high-quality steel is used with a thickness of at least 0.45 mm. 

    The UNIX metal fence can be executed in any color, according to the RAL palette


    Avant-garde (width of the bar 115 mm, 19 stiffening ribs)


    Versailles (width of the bar 110 mm, 17 stiffening ribs)


    Country (width of the bar 110 mm, 11 stiffening ribs)


    Classic (width of the bar 115 mm, 11 stiffening ribs)

    Types of coatings of metal fence

    Double sided colors – poliester

    RAL 3005/3005 Red wine

    RAL 3005/3005

    Red wine

    RAL 6005/6005 Green moss

    RAL 6005/6005

    Green moss

    RAL 8017/8017 Chocolate

    RAL 8017/8017


    Colors with Premium coating "steel velvet"

    RAL 3005 Red wine

    RAL 3005

    Red wine

    RAL 6005 Green moss

    RAL 6005

    Green moss

    RAL 7011 Gray

    RAL 7011


    RAL 8017 Chocolate

    RAL 8017


    "Wooden" colors with Premium cover Printech

    Printech OAK Oak

    Printech OAK


    CHESTNUT Chestnut



    NAIVE VENGE Dark wood


    Dark wood

    OG Light wood


    Light wood

    Printech WALNUT Nuts

    Printech WALNUT


    GOLD OAK Golden wood


    Golden wood

    OAC MARANJON Double side covering


    Double side covering

    Multi Gloss Double side covering

    Multi Gloss

    Double side covering

    GOLDEN OAC Double side covering


    Double side covering

    ANTIC OAC Double side covering


    Double side covering

    Basic colors in the RAL palette:

    • Single-sided polyester coating - RAL 1014, 1015, 3005, 3009, 3011, 5005, 6005, 7024, 8017.8019;
    • Double-sidedpolyester coating - RAL 3005, 6005, 7024, 8017, 8019;
    • Two-sidedpowder coating up to 150 microns - RAL 1014, 1015, 3005, 3009, 3011, 5005, 6005, 7024, 8004, 8017, 8019, 9002, 9003;
    • PRINTECH(double-sided oak) - Antique Oak, Oak MARANION, Golden Oak;
    • PRINTECHCOMBI (oak on one side, primer on the other) - PRINTECH (Antique Oak), second side - brown primer.

    Standardcolors in the "polyester" coating are wine red (3005 RAL), green moss(6005 RAL), graphite gray (7024 RAL), chocolate brown (8017 RAL), gray-brown(8019 RAL).

    Basic colors in the RAL palette 1

    Standard colors in powder coating "Universal gloss" - signal blue (5005 RAL), graphite gray (7024RAL), copper brown (8004 RAL), chocolate brown (8019 RAL), gray-brown (8019 RAL), signal white ( 9003RAL).

    Basic colors in the RAL palette 2

    Standard colors in the polymer coating "Smooth matt" - light ivory (1015 RAL), chocolate brown (8017RAL), gray-brown (8019 RAL), black amber (9005 RAL).

    Basic colors in the RAL palette 3

    Where is the metal fence used?

    • Fencing and gates finishing

    • Summer cafes, restaurants, shops, hotel decoration

    • Territory zoning

    • A modern enclosure for modern houses and cottages

    • Improvement of urban fences, public places, backyard territories

    • Decorative enclosure for parterres, trees, shrubs, kindergartens, schools

    Advantages of Metallic Fence


    The fence made of metal profiles is not only visually appealing, but also will last for a long time while retaining its external appearance. These properties are ensured thanks to thin-walled tiles with optimum thickness, a large zinc layer and modern polymer coatings.

    Easy assembly

    Possibility to mount the enclosure on your own. This will require a minimum set of tools. In this way, you can reduce the cost of a finished fence.

    Convenient transportation and storage

    As the metal fence profiles have a small width and are packed in vertical piles, transportation and storage will take up much less space and transport costs will also be lower.

    Traditional imitation of wooden fence

    By choosing and installing a special shaped metal fence, you can get a traditional woodpecker effect that will give your area a special field of charm.

    No need for fence service.

    The metal fence does not lose its appearance over time, therefore, it does not require periodic renewal of color as a regular wooden fence.

    Options for filling the height and fence sections

    You have the option to order an individual fence height depending on the object for which the fence is intended.

    In addition to the stiffness limits

    In addition to the rigidity of the rigidity, the metal fence is more durable and safer.

    Expressive top end article

    Thanks to the upper end of the fence, the fence will look more attractive.

    Possibility to design a fence from two sides

    With a metal fence, you can design a home perimeter on both sides. For this purpose, you can choose a double-sided polymer coating or place profiles from the front and back to each other in a chess order.